Thursday, 27 June 2013


I just heard the craziest story yet about NHS savings under privatisation - my mum who has Altzeimers was taken to the memory clinic - they can't tell us if she's deteriorated further or if medication has stabilised her - BECAUSE THE MEMORY TESTS ARE DONE ON A COMPUTER PROGRAMME UNDER LICENCE AND THE PROVIDERS WERE UNDERCUT BY ANOTHER BIDDER  - so now the whole PCT has no records whatsoever of any of it's dementia patients - as they've all got to start again with a new system. What that will mean in terms of additional expensive staff time and in failed care and inappropriate medication is anybody's guess - but the privatised NHS thinks it saved money by switching to another software provider! This seems like we are living in a stand up comedy show or fantasy film - but it's the NHS here and now with this crazy crazy short sighted government !

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