Monday, 10 June 2013

Jan Loxley Blount & Parents Protecting Children UK

Mainly me - Jan Loxley Blount - I'm an OAP, a Carer for two children (now young adults) with additional needs mainly because of health difficulties. In 1999 we were wrongfully placed on the Child Protection Register for 6 months because of misrepresentation by schools, GP & social services of Autism Spectrum Difficulties & Differences & ME / CFS.
Our case was the main trigger for the 2001 House of Lords Debate on false & misleading accusation of child abuse. Earl Howe said that our story introduced him to a 'parrallel world'.
Parents Protecting Children UK was formed by Charles Pragnell, myself & others with the support and encouragement of others including the dramatist Arnold Wesker, the then Bishop of Bradwell Rt Rev Laurie Green, the Countess of Mar, Earl Howe & others.
I'm a former teacher and children's work trainer & advocate. In 1979 International Year of the Child I headed the national initiative on Latchkey Children which laid down the basis of most of the current after school & holiday provision.
Parents Protecting Children UK ALSO HAS A WEBSITE - sadly out of date but with some gems of info in the documents section.
Our family story moves on - when my daughter reached 18 in 2012, medical professionals woke up and realised that she had a number of potentially serious ongoing health problems which began c 2001 but remained undiagnosed and untreated, because nobody was willing to investigate her brother's younger sister in case their mum really might have MSBP / FII as per the 1999 false accusations. She is the most serious victim of social services wrongful intrusion into our lives based on her brother's difficulties. It may be that with appropriate medication she could have had a much more normal school and social life through her teenage years! We are still amidst investigations and increasingly angry!

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