Saturday, 22 June 2013

Friends passing

The saddest thing about getting older is when friends start dying. This week I've heard of two. Both funerals missed. Both not seen in 18 months because of the pressures of family illness.

RIP RUTH REES of Barnet Carers, a lady who in her 80s coped with email and smart phones, she loved helping others and most of all loved her beautiful garden which she opened to the public each year as part of the National Gardens scheme to raise money for charity.

RIP JOHN DOWNING of St Phillip's & St Mary's but most of all of the theatre: actor, director and friend of the great jazz divas - I was going to buy him a coffee for him to tell me more about it - he said 'you won't I said 'I will' and it's been on my to do list and I never did! I had print outs of theatre bits about him from the Internet which I wanted to give him - now I can't.

And to add to all of it the 95 year old who I'm helping with a book spent yesterday being monitored in Barnet General - she's home but it's a warning that I need to get on with it fast - very fast - but in present circumstance that ain't easy.

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