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Children taken wrongfully into care

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Subject: Kids wrongfully in care - following your programme 
Dear Panorama

I run a Facebook page Parents Protecting Children UK (link below) which succeeded a website of the same name (still exists - somewhat out if date but with useful archives in the documents section).

You might like to look in the Parents Protecting Children UK website docs section and in Hansard for speeches by Earl Howe.

I'm the 'educated north London woman' referred to by Lord Howe on several occasions and by Baroness Shirley Williams (Portcullis House speech) whose 1999 case of social services intrusion opened their minds to a parallel world of false accusations. Howe and several of his colleagues including Spellman, Greive, Fox and others were well versed in the issues of wrongful child abuse accusations - and yet like the 'good men who do nothing' to which I remember Howe referring in opposition, they've stood by and let Cameron, Gove & Neary make everything a thousand times worse! 

Recently I'm horrified by some of the cases reaching me at Parents Protecting Children UK or which I hear about through Parents Against Injustice Network, False Allegations Support Organisation or Education Equality.

Families, especially those with autism or with a variety of hard to diagnose complaints which may fall within the umbrella of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and related conditions or may be caused by vitamin D deficiency or vaccine damage are routinely pillaged by social services who take away their dignity and their social standing and frequently their children.

I could arrange to put you in contact with others from the various support agencies or directly with selected parents.

This is a scandal leading to kids wrongfully in care and to wrongful forced adoptions.

Many cases start with misunderstanding over school placements and resources. Gove's new GCSE proposals will make things worse, as kids who are different won't be offered the school places they need for fear of their lack of exam passing skills will reflect badly on the schools league tables - so there will be more fights with the authorites over school places and invariably a significant percentage of these fights become child protection cases as social workers imagine that fighting for a school place is symptomatic of MSBP.

I'd love to talk to you further

Very Best Wishes Jan Loxley Blount 


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