Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Lost musicians

2016 saw the passing of David Bowie, George Michael, Leonard Cohen and so many more wonderful musicians. Someone on Radio 4 just reminded us of the vast number of musicians lost a hundred years ago in the war which failed to end all wars. Last summer David Loxley-Blount and I visited the Somme during the Australian Commemorative Weekend. One of the special events was a beautiful and poignant concert of music, by composers who didn't survive the war. Some of these are listed here below. I especially loved the Australian F S Kelly, who's work I hadn't heard before, and of course our own treasured George Butterworth.
We are in a time of so much political uncertainty, in which wars and conflict in all communities, countries and continents are daily killing potential future musicians, artists, dramatists, novelists and others who could have enriched the cultures of their own lands and the world.

Composers who died in WWI - Many composers and musicians died during World War One. Here are the greatest and best known composers.


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