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&/or EMOTIONAL ABUSE through seeking diagnosis & testing

Parents Protecting Children UK  01/12/16: Autism & Child Protection - There's quite a bit flying around in the ether on this subject at the moment and I wondered if people here could help? If you are an Autism family, or know a family with Autism Spectrum Differences & Difficulties, who have been pulled up on Child Protection concerns, then can you just add the name of the local authority to the list below as a comment. One entry per family. No other information.

Comments below collated by Jan Loxley Blount, T Cert. Diploma in Child Development      

"It doesn't seem to make any difference whether mums are diagnosed or not. They just use the diagnosis against mums anyway. The research also shows it's autism families, wether the mum is a Neuro-Typical or Autistic."

"The level of ignorance among social workers and other professionals in this area, quite apart from the obvious human cost, must cost the country millions in court and fostering /adoption costs - and every child wrongly taken from their families over autism and similar conditions, is a foster placement that isn't available for a child that genuinely needs one - court time that isn't available to protect a child at genuine risk."

"What I find, is that its the parents who don't have a confirmed diagnosis, but who show traits, who are at greatest risk of being measured against neuro typical standards and expectations. I recommended the book "Child Protection and Parents with Learning Disabilities" to my Local Authority and they purchased two copies!"

"So much human cost too. The pain and isolation is unbearable. Not every mother is blessed with the strength to recover and fight back."

"Autistic Mothers are being railroaded in the family courts. They are treated appallingly. They are so vulnerable to the predators in child care proceedings who see them as easy targets and abuse their positions. They are totally misunderstood."

"This harrowing experience demonises isolates and stigmatises, but in my personal experience provides entertainment and pleasure to many social workers, who really should not be in the profession. I was accused of having Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy in relation to my  younger children, who both have Autism Spectrum Difficulties. The head of service said that she did not want my children further assessed, as it would undermine the Local Authority case against me."

"The problem never stopped 'surfacing'. Just its only recently been noticed."

"Issues with ......... Council. Is there any parent that would like to contact me to enable us to work together locally?"

"Oh God, ...... I'm from there. Child Protection cases are happening all the time."

"My friend was also accused and its devastating her. There's three of us in my area. The other has a young child at a special school and her older children are autistic. Social Services are really giving her a hard time."

"I am compelled to say that my personal experience of social workers and the lynch mob at Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services is that, any parent who takes the time out to try and learn about the issues that might be making  life difficult for their child, is extremely likely to be the subject of attack and hostility - A few years back they had a Doctor working for CAMHS, who nearly killed my child with their unfounded hostility. Had I not gone to seek help at the Court of Protection the Doctor could have caused my child to loose their life. Fight fight fight for your children - but be mindful always that you will likely be attacked yourself."

"One Council stole a friend's nephew which the family wanted tested for Autism. The Council Social Services told lies to take him away. They tried saying he was behind, when he wasn't at all. The family just wanted him tested for Autism, which he was showing signs of. The Council blocked the rights of the child and family.That is a disgrace. I would like to name and shame the Council Social Services."

"I can't believe this is still going on instead of giving families and disabled children the support they need."

"Let's take away the power of public secrecy, services internalised prejudice and general ignorance. These are what they thrive on in order to make wrong decisions daily and to ruin lives."

"It needs exposing quickly , I'm gobsmacked it's happening in our day and age , it's very Victorian / workhouse !"

"GPs and paediatricians are so blinkered and unwilling to listen to parents who are genuinely worried with a child with a whole spectrum of weird symptoms and illnesses which are not easily visible."

"Lets turn the isolation we feel into positive energy and stop this pain happening to more beautiful families."

"I'm glad this issue is gaining recognition. I'm a mother who has been through it and who's autism was the key to survival of it and who succeeded."

"I'd be happy to help others in my area."

"It's hell!"

"Please can you help me? I cannot find any service who will accompany me and be my advocate at meetings! Every service only seems to cover Education Health & Care Plans and nothing else. I have a Looked After Children Review to attend THIS WEEK and have literally only just been told the time of it despite asking for weeks. I am terrified to be in front of the very people who have me in court with false and made up allegations of FII and terrified to even state what I think my child needs in front of them."
"AUTISM PARENTS ARE YOU HAVING PROBLEMS WITH SOCIAL SERVICES IN OUR AREA? Such as unwarranted child protection procedures? Solutions may be at hand, unity in numbers. Email me ASAP."

"I do have a solicitor but I feel really let down by her. She sat on what had been sent to her and  didn't pass it on. She clearly had not looked through it all as she should have pointed things out and chased more evidence!"

"The CAMHS service totally failed my child, they wouldn't listen to my concerns around Autism Spectrum Difficulties. After two years of going around in circles I went private and proved my child was Autistic."

"How do you ever get over seeing a little lad on a positive adoption photo, when you know his mum is going through hell on earth, its like watching someone being shot in the heart."

"I also have 2 friends with SS involvement , just 2 us were put on CP , both off now , 1 is going to court so I've not tagged her in to protect her identity."

"We are misunderstood because my child can be violent.
It just exacerbates a stressful situation. How can we stop it?"
"A Child Protection meeting has been convened to decide whether they will put the children on Child Protection plans. They have ignored evidence and not sought any family member's views, ignoring the children's voices."

"I have written to my MP about parents being wrongly accused of Fll, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and emotional abuse. He is looking into this very distressing situation for me and other parents who are trying our best to get medical care or a diagnosis in difficult circumstances. I should be hearing from him soon and will let you know what the outcome is. This includes Autism Spectrum Differences & Difficulties, Ehlers Danlos and other Syndromes.
It's an ever growing scandal."

"We got our girl back home where she should have always been. I did the application and permission hearing to discharge the SGO.  We went through assessments and passed with flying colours. The parenting assessors said she should never have been taken away. At court no one opposed. 5 minute hearing and it was done."

"You can include my authority on this list as well. We were on the Child Protection register until a few months ago because of Autism and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and other medical issues."

"I don't want my name coming up in your post about Autism Spectrum Difficulties and Child Protection. Can you add my authority to your list. I have kids with ASD and my ex is possibly ASD and we have been accused and threatened many times- no one understands the complexities of multiple kids with disabilities - now the blame game is on me."

"As you know. My friends child was taken by the Council following their false allegations against her devoted mother.  The greater good won the day, with the child going back home, though much damaged from the suffering inflicted on her in LA care!!  And on and on the sick and twisted authority go!"

"Congratulations on getting information on parents of autistic children who have been involved in child safeguarding. The ignorance of social workers never ceases to amaze me - and their ignorance is often accompanied by utter self-confidence that they know it all.  Of course some of the children may not even have been diagnosed. yet. The problem is complicated by the fact that females on the autistic spectrum are less likely to be diagnosed, and that mothers of children on the spectrum may also be in that group."

"As much as I would love to be able to enjoy Christmas, it won't unfortunately be possible. I will put a brave as face for the children, but inside I am in a complete state."

COINCIDENTALLY- DURING THE TIME THAT THIS QUESTION WAS OPEN ON FACEBOOK,  THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE APPEARED IN THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER - it quotes the campaigner Monique Blakemore of 'Autism Women Matter' and research by Professor Simon Baron Cohen and colleagues at the University of Cambridge.
Autism: 'hidden pool' of undiagnosed mothers with condition emerging | Society | The Guardian 26/12/16hî

Parents Protecting Children UK was formed in October 2001 at the time of the House of Lords Debate on False Accusations of Child Abuse. The debate was led by Earl Frederick Howe & Lord Tim Clement-Jones CBE

“Once the label of child abuse has been attached to a parent it is extremely difficult to remove. Yet we know that there are many hard to diagnose conditions that have been mistaken for parental maltreatment with devastating consequences for families.”
Earl Frederick Howe to House of Lords 12 02 03

“I am reminded of the witch hunts of previous centuries. This time, the victims are frequently nice middle class families whose only fault is to be concerned about their child, who has ill-defined symptoms from which he or she does not rapidly recover. …, some social workers…..are not prepared to consider that those conditions might be organic.”
Margaret, Countess of Mar to House of Lords 17 10 01

“The line of cases through Rochdale, Cleveland and the Orkneys must surely convince us all of the dangers. Use by a powerful group of individuals--paediatricians, social workers and the police--of some dubious diagnostic technique or social work theory,…. can lead to massive injustice and family break-up without any objective justification at all.”
Lord Tim Clement Jones CBE to House of Lords 17 10 01

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