Wednesday 16 October 2013

Hunger strike by father who lost his kids to Social Services.

Re: Hunger Strike by Father who lost his kids.

This is what I've just put on Parents Protecting Children UK 

This is a personal comment from Jan Loxley Blount about the reported hunger strike of David Paul Jenkins in Swansea jail. 

I don't think & have never thought, that breaking the law is the way to make our point and get changes to law and practice to stop social services intruding on and breaking up the wrong families. I've never supported action such as blockading the M25. 

However I do understand that when people have lost or face loosing their children they feel entirely desperate. To loose a child to adoption, when you know in your heart that the authorities have got it wrong, must be every bit as devastating as Kate & Gerry McCann losing Madeleine. 

I gather from others that David Paul Jenkins of Stolen Children of the UK is on hunger strike in Swansea jail. 

I don't know the ins and outs or the background to this, but I know he feels that his children should not have been taken from his family and that everything he does is motivated by his desire to get them back, or at least to expose the situation which his family was placed in. 

Social Services should be made to deal properly with the families with which they get involved. They should get their facts straight before they intervene. Unless there is immediate danger, they should not take a child until they have explored absolutely every diagnosis and reason for family difficulties and considered and tried every possible way of keeping the family together. If it is genuinely justifiable and unavoidable to remove a child they should continue to support the birth parents in their grief and anger. 

I don't know why David's children were taken, or why he is in prison, or why he decided that a hunger strike was his best or only option. I do hope that the situation can be resolved without further harm to him and his family. I do hope that any publicity surrounding this will be helpful to his family and to other families who beleive that their children have been stolen without just cause. 

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