Saturday, 4 November 2017

Witch hunting at Westminster

I don’t like witchunts of whatever kind for whatever reason - they always bring out the worst in all concerned. 
There’s always been sleaze and sexual innuendo at Westminster and in politics more widely. I certainly encountered it in my campaigning days, when I was a lot younger and slimmer than I am now. 
But because social mores have now moved on (improved) are we now in a historic withchunt intent on destroying the lives and reputations of people who in other ways have done good work? 
There are undoubtedly people who have brought about social change for good who, in the 80s, when societal norms were very different, had difficulties keeping their hands and other bodily parts to themselves. 
I was interested in this article from today’s Times.
« Dustin Hoffman, now 80, reportedly made crude remarks to a teenage intern in 1985 and pinched Katharine Ross’s bottom filming The Graduate. Must we now shelve Midnight Cowboy and Marathon Man? 
Maybe a truth and reconciliation committee is required where men can confess past misdemeanours and then be judged against the sexual mores of the time and their reformed behaviour. « 
Roundheads have routed the randy old fools | Comment | The Times & The Sunday Times

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